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Full Moon Liquid Fast

27 February

About four months ago, Denis and I decided to challenge our diets and take it one step further. We decided to fast and only eat, or drink in this case, liquids once a month on the full moon. We noticed that around the full moon it was hard to deal with everyone’s energy. At work, […]

10 Tips for Raw Traveling

15 September

In the two years we’ve been vegan raw foodists we’ve travel quite often and have been able to eat what we are used to eating at home and not struggle finding food during the trip. How do we do it? This is a very common question we get asked all the time. In the last […]

Raw Food Recipes

09 August

These are my best Raw food recipes that I have created and some that I have modified to match my alkaline lifestyle. I will continue to update this page as I create more simple fast raw food recipes. Raw Party Menu Raw Salad Dressings – 5 Kale Salad Dressings Appetizers Zucchini Rolls White Crackers and […]