About Us

ZenMystery, LLC. was founded in July 2012 to help friends and family in their spiritual and health journey. We offer holistic and wellness services and products including private yoga classes, water consulting, sacred space clearing and more!

Our Team

Lina Gonzalez – Founder

Lina Gonzalez - Panyvinito

Lina’s nickname is Pan y Vinito, given to her by her maternal grandfather from birth. It means Bread and Wine. Lina is a well-known integral lifestyle activist in her community.  She understood from an early age that all things are connected and developed a spiritual practice to help her with the struggles she faced in her everyday life. After getting stuck on her spiritual journey, Lina consulted several experts to facilitate her move on to the next stage in her path. She became a vegan in 2007 for health and spiritual reasons and has been an environmentalist since the age of 13, picking up garbage from the street of her native country. She enjoys making raw foods and participates in the local health community. Lina loves books, music, the beach, writing, and all things purple! She’s a certified yoga teacher and blogs in several inspirational blogs including the MentalBlox.com site.  She can be followed in Twitter at @panyvinito.

Denis Soukhanov – CEO & Founder

Sunduki meditation

Denis believes in integral view of health and wellness. He has created a system that provides not only ultimate health of mind and body but also helps on a spiritual path.

You can find him on Twitter @alkalize