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Black Friday Shop Local

22 November

Thanksgiving is over and that marks the start of the shopping and gift giving season. This Friday, vote with your money by shopping local and supporting the economy by helping local business stay open. Avoid all big stores that are owned by the 1%. Do we really need the walmart family in the top 10 list of richest people this year again? What about our friends that have opened retails businesses? Don’t they deserve a chance too?

local shopping in south florida

Yoga gift certificate, local-made jam, non-gmo chips, and local-made spicy sauce

I invite you to invest your hard earn money in products that are made in America or that at least are fair trade. Shop local this season and support your community instead.

South Florida Local Shopping for Black Friday

There are many places to shop local in South Florida, but here are a few I believe are great places to buy local.

  • Tree of India is an aromatherapy store with much more than just oils. There are many products made here in the USA and handmade by the store owner. Prices are reasonable and if you can make up your mind, you can purchase a gift certificate for your loved one.
  • Thousand Pound Egg not only carries tons of cooking books but also local made jams and great gifts for foodies.
  • Acacia is not just an awesome and unique jewelry store but also has great accessories and other beautiful gifts for everyone. This is where I bought my wedding rings made out of recycle quarters.
  • Yellow Green Market is a large market with local artisans and businesses all in one place. You will be sure to find all sorts of gifts here.

Outside the Box Gift Ideas

Gift certificates are an awesome idea, but instead giving a restaurant, movie tickets, or store gift certificate this year, how about something more outside the box? Give the gift of…

  • Yoga! Buy a gift certificate to your favorite yoga studio and share the gift of yoga this season. You can also get a private class certificate or a workshop gift certificate for those loves ones that want to take their practice to the next level.
  • Motivation! We all have friends going thru hard times, and it might be hard to think of something that can help their situation. Giving them something to keep them motivated this year might be the solution.
  • Charity! For those of us that “have it all” or don’t like to get gifts, buying something can be difficult. I do enjoy when people donate to my causes or my charities of choices in my name. Ask your friends or loves one for local charities you can donate in their name.

We all complain about the economy but only a few of us will do something about it. Take a chance this year and don’t just think about saving money, but instead think about supporting your community by shopping at local this season.

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