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Hoarding & Clutter

06 July
Wedding Shoes

This is the only picture you can actually see me wearing my shoes, pardon the PDA!

I had to throw away my wedding shoes today. I wore them one last time to work today, a long 11 hour day, and when I got home, they went in the trash bin. It was sad. At the same time, I knew I had to let go. I thought “what if I keep them in a box all destroyed just for keepsake”, but I’m not a collector. I’ve never been. I use everything I own. The last three years though, it has been hard to let go of material things. I’ve been hoarding everything I own because I had to give up so much to give birth to Denis’ baby. I used to clear clutter regularly, every month I would get rid of things that I wasn’t using. But when we had to open zm, I remember all the things I had given away that could have used there, and it became hard to let go.

 What brought peace as I threw my wedding shoes away was that I wore them until they were not wearable anymore. How many brides get that chance? Same with my wedding dress. I’ve been lucky to wear it several times since our wedding day.

It’s time to let go and clear my clutter. I’ll keep you all posted! I’m excited to be back!

P.S. What are you hoarding?

Wedding Shoes 2

You can see my shoes there to the right

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