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Little Things that Make Me Happy

28 April

There are many little things that make me happy everyday and help me enjoy life. But there is always stress that keeps me from remembering to have fun and enjoy life.

I’m very thankful that my job is not stressful and I do enjoy everything I do. There is rarely anything that gets me upset. Even the time when I was preparing reports for a very important client and my boss made run them about four times on a Friday afternoon when my brain was fried. I didn’t mind because I wanted to ensure the reports were correct.

I work on customer support and deal with a lot of people on the phone and by email. But as it turns out, I’m good at it and I enjoy it. But whenever I need a good laugh or a break, I just go to the bathroom and come back happy.

No, it’s not what you think!  This is what I mean, the signs in our office bathroom are what makes me laugh and enjoy my day. So as I walk out, this is what the door says:

First, there are so many things I would like to do to this sign! If you know me, you know I’m well known for making signs for everything! I would love to change the font, the color, and obviously change the color of the paper.

There is second door that leads to the hallway, and there is a second sign there in case we forget what the first sign said:

OK! So you may know that I think in pictures, and when I see this sign, I picture a woman so angry and fed up at the mess in the hallway that she runs to her desk, sits in front of her computer and writes these words: “TO THE PERSON WHO THINKS THIS HALLWAY IS THEIR TRASH CAN: PLEASE WALK YOUR TRASH TO YOUR OFFICE.”

This sign makes me laugh every time! I feel her pain and frustration in this sign. At the same time, I feel happy when I see it because I’m thankful I’m not that woman who is so angry that she had to make it known. I would have purchased a trash can and put it in the hallway to take care of this problem. But years ago, I may have been that woman, and sent a memo to the entire building, passed out flyers about it, and started a campaign in twitter and facebook, and even written to my state representatives.

I felt compelled to write this blog because I don’t know who wrote this sign, but I hope someday I can tell her that she brings joy to my life every day. Not because of her frustration, but because I’m glad it’s not me writing the signs anymore.

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