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Manifestation Class

06 April

Marissa Cohen

On Saturday, I attended a manifestation class taught by a  good friend of mine, Marissa Cohen(Channeling/Mediumship/Astrology/Tarot) at Griffin’s Loft.  I’m a great believer in manifestation because years ago, as a child without even knowing what it meant or how to do it, I manifested many things in my life.  

When I was 9 years old, I used to spend recess at the library doing research in astrology. I came across a book about the power of the mind that basically taught me the basic ideas to what we know as manifestation and law of attraction.  I developed my own method of creating/manifesting things in my life by writing them and being very detailed about it. In recent years, this method helped find a new job and a new apartment on the beach.  

A week before Marissa’s class, we had met for a session and when I left I had such an amazing energy that I felt blessed. The next night, something tiny but amazing happened. I signed up for a contest online for a coffee mug from one of my favorite author’s. As I submitted my request, I said “this coffee mug is mine, and is going to be my new office tea mug.” The next morning when I checked my twitter account, not thinking about the contest at all, I get a notification I had won the mug. I started (silently) screaming and jumping as I was at work. I immediately told Marissa about this tiny and insignificant gift. As she put it, I was not attached to the outcome and therefore it happened. So I signed up for her class.  

Marissa explained in class that the universe hears what we say. Whether is positive or negative, it thinks we want that because it hears us saying it over and over again. Once we shift our focus the growth is bigger. Manifestation works better when one is not attached to the outcome of that that we asked, the power of our emotions can affect that outcome. For example, I would have been happy if another fan received the mug if I didn’t get it.  

So here are some of the steps Marissa summarized in class for us:  

  1. Creative visualization: what is it that you see happening -> creativity, and see it -> visualize. If you are writing it, it works best if written in present tense as it was happening
  2. Emotion and intention: Not controlling the outcome or situation but being aware the feelings
  3. Moving beyond and taking responsability for the actions

One of the things I decided to do this year, sort of as a “New Year’s” resolution was to ask better questions. I was watching an online show work-related, and someone said that people “don’t ask the right questions.” That stayed with me and I put it in my list not knowing what it meant for me or how I could “ask better or the right questions” but I wrote it as a resolution. Marissa repeated this statement several times in the workshop, we have to ask better questions when we are in the process of manifesting.  

One of the questions I had was what is the difference between affirmations and manifestation, and she explained that affirmation is a tool in the creativity step or part of the process in manifesting.  

I enjoyed the class very much and was able to share several of my experiences with the other people attending the class.  

Marissa’s website is coming soon, but she can be found in facebook as well as in Griffin’s Loft located in Davie, FL or by email at    

More on Marissa: Bob Decker’s Blazing Tarot Blog and on April Claxton’s The Movement Within Radio Show.

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