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Passionate Chef Jamie Oliver at Ted: Food Education

14 March

This is a passionate and inspiring video presentation from Ted Talks with chef and activist Jamie Oliver. It was heartbreaking to watch Jamie at a school asking children to name some vegetables and foods. Most kids didn’t even know what a tomato looked like!

How can we expect people to be healthy when the new generations don’t even know where food comes from or what basic foods look like? I hope this talk from Jamie inspires you to teach a loved one about food and health.


Blue Zones: Communities that Live a Longer and Blissful Life

12 January

I love Ted Talks and this video summarizes what I believe we all are capable of doing to live a healthier and joyful life.

I strongly believe that there are several areas in one’s existence to live a happy life, and they all connect and interact with each other. It’s not just about the food and/or exercise. Or if we are wealthy and have no financial worries, we are going to be happier. I think we all fall into a trap of thinking that if we change our eating habits, work out more, and have money all of the sudden our lives are much more contented.

Dan Buettner shows in this video what it’s been proven to work in these “Blue Zones” or communities around the world. A “Blue Zone” is an area where the population lives pass 100 years old. Dan and his team summarize 9 lifestyle tips that these communities practice to live a longer and blissful life.

I hope this video inspires you to find the path to your higher self.